I’m a very proud father of 3 kiddos: McKennah, Katie and Owen. I’m married to my best friend and high school sweetheart, Melanie. She’s the glue that holds the entire family together and far too good to me.

Home will always be Flower Mound, Texas. We love the beach and make a yearly trip to Destin, Florida. If you ever get out that way, you have to eat at The Donut Hole and Louis Louis. This year we’re taking a trip to Estes Park, Colorado and will do some hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park.

I have been a Texas Rangers baseball fan since before I can remember. I love baseball. The strategy behind every pitch, the skill required to pitch and hit at the major league level is incredible. I love the numbers, records, metrics and analytics behind the sport.

What I Do

Currently, I work as an Analytics Manager at Wells Fargo in Irving, Texas. I work in the Enterprise Analytics & Data Science organization specifically for the Analytic Quality Review team.

About This Site

This site (or, more accurately, the content at this URL) has been in some phase of development for more than decade. It seems I would always bite off more than my abilities and time would allow. This is my attempt to finally get a website, professional resume and blog together all in one place and learn some things along the way.

This site is hosted with Linode on a VM running Ubuntu and served by Nginx. The site is generated with Jekyll. I started by using the whiteglass theme, but have since customized and moved to a local installation. Source code for this site can be found here. I’m using Git Hooks to publish remotely.